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Presenters and Partners

Hello All Workers for Healing

  • Do you see yourself as someone who contributes to ‘healing’ in any way with your talents,  gifts, tools and what you do for a living?
  • Do you recognize that healing occurs on body, mind, soul and spirit levels?
  • Do you acknowledge the presence of Divine Essence in yourself and others in any unique way it happens for you?
  • Do you have a regular practice, conversation and relationship with all that is part of your physical, emotional and divine essence?
  • Are you interested in sharing with others; inspiring and being inspired?

We want to hear about you.

Send us a description of how you work and why you feel it contributes to the healing process, in yourself, others and the world.

Introduce yourself by telling us about yourself and how you came about doing what you do.

We are looking for contributors and partners for this project in creative healing.

Thank you,

Jayni Bloch

Executive Director of The Creative Healing ProjectTruth